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  • Streaming AUR Report

    Manage streaming rates effectively by using this straightforward report to track your sales against non-spot dollars and leave the guessing behind. Read More
  • Pacing to Budget & Forecast Report

    This powerful pacing report packs a full house of metrics that allow users to get underneath the trends taking place at a market or station level. Read More
  • No Charge Report by Advertiser

    Stay on top of who is receiving no charge spots with this easy to read report. This report focuses on the total number by priority, giving you the data to ask the right questions. Read More
  • Digital vs Broadcast By AE

    You establish the initiative threshold for indicator colors and at glance you can see performance across the organization. This report can translate to other internal initiatives. Read More
  • Key Account Tracker (Top 100 YoY)

    This report looks at the Top 100 from the prior year and gauges the current year performance, giving end users a quick view into who is doing better or worse. Read More