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  • Centralized Traffic Operations

    Centralize traffic and continuity operations at the market, regional or organizational level in order to increase efficiencies, reduce errors and reduce costs by creating specialization in traffic duties. Read More
  • Electronic Orders

    Eliminate redundancy and errors by injecting orders directly into the traffic system through Electronic Orders. Read More
  • Managing Non-Broadcast Business

    Marketron stations can be used to manage your non-broadcast revenue streams in one, some, or all of your markets. These streams of revenue could comprise of events, sales promotions, or ‘overhead’ revenue within your market(s). Read More
  • Inventory Analysis by AUR

    At a glance review how advertisers are trending by AUR analysis between two time periods. Read More
  • New Business Report

    This report allows you to see the list of new advertisers who have not done business with your organization within a specified period of time. Read More